5 ways to take time for yourself

5 ways to take time for yourself

We all get stressed and that’s when we need to set time aside for ourselves. We need time to just reset our minds and take a breath.

Here are 5 ways to take a step back:

1) Have a spa night

Set aside time before bed to take a relaxing bath. Add some bath bombs, light some candles and grab a glass of your favorite wine. Grab your favorite face mask and put that bad boy on. Take the time to do the extra things like exfoliate. Just make the night for you.

2) Plan for a girls/guys night

Call up your gal or guy friends and plan a movie or a dinner night. Catch up with them about what’s going on in their life. Enjoy the time spent with them.

3) Take a day off

Sleep in late or sleep all day if you really want to. You can lay in bed and catch up on Netflix. Make yourself breakfast in bed and watch a movie. There is nothing better than throwing your hair up in a bun and relaxing in your sweats.

4) Exercise

No, you don’t even have to go to a gym for this! You can exercise at home easily. Not only is it healthy, it can make you feel good and energized. Having a healthy body is just one way to start feeling good.

5) Meditate

There are so many apps and podcasts out there that you can listen to. They can talk you through the meditation. Find a comfy and quiet place to sit and focus on your mind.

Remember the importance of taking time for yourself. Know that it’s ok for you to only worry about you!

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