50 Self Date Ideas

50 Self Date Ideas

It’s so important to make sure we spend time with ourselves. We need to love ourselves before we are able to love anyone else.

Here are a few date ideas to take yourself on:

1. Go see a movie

2. Go for a walk

3. Go shopping at the local mall

4. Visit your library

5. Get a massage for 1

6. Take a class and learn a new hobby

7. Cook yourself dinner

8. Visit a park

9. Go on a long drive

10. Head to a cafe for coffee

11. Watch the sun rise and set

12. Book a hotel room

13. Read a new book

14. Get a facial

15. Go sight seeing

16. Get a mani and pedi

17. Take a bubble bath

18. Head to your local farmers market

19. Check out a museum

20. Get a drink at the bar

21. Take a yoga class

22. Go to a concert

23. Go for a hike

24. Paint

25. Take a nap

26. Buy a new outfit

27. Volunteer

28. Go rollerblading

29. Go ice skating

30. Head to your local zoo

31. Take a self defense class

32. Go to a Buffett

33. Go Stargaze

34. Go cloud watch

35. Visit a pet store

36. Go for a jog

37. Visit a store you’ve never been to

38. Go on a guided tour

39. Go to a theme park

40. Visit the gym

41.Netflix and chill by yourself

42. Use a telescope to look at a full moon

43. Dress up and have a photo shoot

44. Bake some cookies

45. Go people watching

46. Attend a workshop

47. Go to a conference

48. Go wine tasting

49. Get your hair done

50. Go get a new tattoo

You can do all of these by yourself and learn to love yourself again. Choose one to do once a week or even once a month. Make that time for yourself. Remember to put yourself first sometimes.

How to Detox Your Mind

How to Detox Your Mind

We all have those negative things in our lives and getting rid of them is a great way to help you reset. When you think of resetting your mind it’s almost like when you reset your WiFi. Your WiFi was messing up somehow and you press the reset button so that things can work smoothly again. That’s essentially what we are doing with our minds.

Get rid of any noise going on around you. You can’t focus properly if there are too many distractions going on. Get yourself into a nice quiet spot.

Get rid of any negativity going on in your life. Is that negativity someone? Take a break from them. Is that negativity social media? Delete your profiles. There are tons of things that are negative in our lives and we need to know when to get rid of them.

Sit down and make time for yourself to detox your mind. That is the most important part of a mind detox. If you don’t sit down to make the time, then when will you?

Find YOUR place. Where is it that makes you the happiest and most comfortable? Is it your bedroom to nap? Your living room to watch tv? A cafe? Library? Wherever it is, go there when you feel that you need to calm down.

These are all essentials when it comes to detoxing your mind.

Remember to love yourself first!

The Recipe to Self Love

The Recipe to Self Love

I have always wondered what the secrets were to learning to love yourself. What I found out was that there is NO SECRET. It is something that is learned and practiced. I know, I thought there was going to be some magic word that I could say and BOOM I’d love myself. Obviously, that’s not going to happen though.


When it comes to self love, you need to learn that it’s OK to worry about yourself and no one else. If someone asks you for a favor that you really don’t want to do, say no! You don’t have to take on more than you can handle and you certainly don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.


When you wake up in the morning, sit down and remember what you’re grateful for. Is it your family, your dog or even your job? Remember that throughout the day. Remembering what your grateful for can make your day just a little easier.


If you are feeling too stressed, TAKE A MINUTE TO BREATHE! Always remember to take time for yourself. Stress can really effect your health. If things aren’t going your way. TAKE A DEEP BREATH!


Have you tried meditating? I’m telling you, meditation has done wonders for me. I have used apps like Calm and Headspace. Meditating has really helped me when I’m angry and stressed out. Taking time and focusing on my breathing has just helped me relax. Also check out my blog post: Why is meditation good for you? I explain all the different reasons why meditation can help you.


Another idea that you can do is exercise!! I know it sounds horrible. I HATE exercising as much as you do, but it really is a great way to fuel your energy. Plus, you’ll loose weight and tone up. Who doesn’t want to loose weight, especially since it’s the holiday season. It’ll be that much easier to love yourself when you like how you look.


So, what is the recipe for loving yourself? Remember what you’re grateful for, breathe, Meditate, exercise, and PRACTICE! Those obviously aren’t the only ways to learn to love yourself, there are tons of ways to do that.

Remember to love yourself because you are loved!


10 Ways to Take Care of Yourself on Your Period

10 Ways to Take Care of Yourself on Your Period

We all know how that time of the month can be. It’s painful, annoying and stressful. Here are some tips to make it a little easier to get through.

1. Take it easy

Know that it is ok to take it slow that first or second day. Your body is going through a lot and it’s ok to just take a minute.

2. Take a pain reliever

You might not want to get up to get it or you just feel you don’t need it, but when you do you’ll regret not taking them. Save yourself and take some before you regret it.

3. Make sure you eat foods with plenty of proteins and iron.

Obviously you’re loosing blood, so therefore, you’re loosing iron. Make sure you are replenishing yourself.

4. Take a warm bubble bath

Yes, I said it. Take a bath! It can help you relax and boost your mood. I promise it won’t look like a crime scene if you take one.

5. Eat that chocolate bar

It won’t hurt you and it’s ok to indulge yourself sometimes.

6. Use a heating pad for cramps

Heating pads give almost instant relief when it comes to period cramps. So sit back and throw that heating pad on.

7. Drink plenty of water

Yes this is still important. Water is great in more ways than one.

8. Use feminine wipes

They are great to use to freshen up throughout the day. Keep them in your purse or backpack to keep them handy.

9. Do a light workout

I know working out doesn’t seem like a first choice, but it does put you in a better mood and it increases your blood flow, which can help cramps.

10. Change your sanitary products

This is so important! Don’t wear them for too long and make sure you change them to avoid overflow.

5 Ideas to Get You Through This Winter

5 Ideas to Get You Through This Winter

Winter can be one of the harshest seasons. Here are some tips to help you get through this winter.

1. Moisturize

Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize! The cold air is so drying for the skin so remember to moisturize.

2. Grab some holiday scented candles

Nothing says winter like a lovely scented candle in your house. Breath it in deeply and relax.

3. Sit back and drink some hot chocolate

Nothing will warm you up like a good cup of hot chocolate.

4. Sit in front of the fireplace

Grab a blanket a turn on a movie. This is a wonderful way to warm up the soul.

5. Wear your favorite fuzzy socks

Not only are they incredibly cute, they will keep your feet super toasty.