How to Detox Your Mind

How to Detox Your Mind

We all have those negative things in our lives and getting rid of them is a great way to help you reset. When you think of resetting your mind it’s almost like when you reset your WiFi. Your WiFi was messing up somehow and you press the reset button so that things can work smoothly again. That’s essentially what we are doing with our minds.

Get rid of any noise going on around you. You can’t focus properly if there are too many distractions going on. Get yourself into a nice quiet spot.

Get rid of any negativity going on in your life. Is that negativity someone? Take a break from them. Is that negativity social media? Delete your profiles. There are tons of things that are negative in our lives and we need to know when to get rid of them.

Sit down and make time for yourself to detox your mind. That is the most important part of a mind detox. If you don’t sit down to make the time, then when will you?

Find YOUR place. Where is it that makes you the happiest and most comfortable? Is it your bedroom to nap? Your living room to watch tv? A cafe? Library? Wherever it is, go there when you feel that you need to calm down.

These are all essentials when it comes to detoxing your mind.

Remember to love yourself first!

10 Ways to Take Care of Yourself on Your Period

10 Ways to Take Care of Yourself on Your Period

We all know how that time of the month can be. It’s painful, annoying and stressful. Here are some tips to make it a little easier to get through.

1. Take it easy

Know that it is ok to take it slow that first or second day. Your body is going through a lot and it’s ok to just take a minute.

2. Take a pain reliever

You might not want to get up to get it or you just feel you don’t need it, but when you do you’ll regret not taking them. Save yourself and take some before you regret it.

3. Make sure you eat foods with plenty of proteins and iron.

Obviously you’re loosing blood, so therefore, you’re loosing iron. Make sure you are replenishing yourself.

4. Take a warm bubble bath

Yes, I said it. Take a bath! It can help you relax and boost your mood. I promise it won’t look like a crime scene if you take one.

5. Eat that chocolate bar

It won’t hurt you and it’s ok to indulge yourself sometimes.

6. Use a heating pad for cramps

Heating pads give almost instant relief when it comes to period cramps. So sit back and throw that heating pad on.

7. Drink plenty of water

Yes this is still important. Water is great in more ways than one.

8. Use feminine wipes

They are great to use to freshen up throughout the day. Keep them in your purse or backpack to keep them handy.

9. Do a light workout

I know working out doesn’t seem like a first choice, but it does put you in a better mood and it increases your blood flow, which can help cramps.

10. Change your sanitary products

This is so important! Don’t wear them for too long and make sure you change them to avoid overflow.