The Recipe to Self Love

The Recipe to Self Love

I have always wondered what the secrets were to learning to love yourself. What I found out was that there is NO SECRET. It is something that is learned and practiced. I know, I thought there was going to be some magic word that I could say and BOOM I’d love myself. Obviously, that’s not going to happen though.


When it comes to self love, you need to learn that it’s OK to worry about yourself and no one else. If someone asks you for a favor that you really don’t want to do, say no! You don’t have to take on more than you can handle and you certainly don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.


When you wake up in the morning, sit down and remember what you’re grateful for. Is it your family, your dog or even your job? Remember that throughout the day. Remembering what your grateful for can make your day just a little easier.


If you are feeling too stressed, TAKE A MINUTE TO BREATHE! Always remember to take time for yourself. Stress can really effect your health. If things aren’t going your way. TAKE A DEEP BREATH!


Have you tried meditating? I’m telling you, meditation has done wonders for me. I have used apps like Calm and Headspace. Meditating has really helped me when I’m angry and stressed out. Taking time and focusing on my breathing has just helped me relax. Also check out my blog post: Why is meditation good for you? I explain all the different reasons why meditation can help you.


Another idea that you can do is exercise!! I know it sounds horrible. I HATE exercising as much as you do, but it really is a great way to fuel your energy. Plus, you’ll loose weight and tone up. Who doesn’t want to loose weight, especially since it’s the holiday season. It’ll be that much easier to love yourself when you like how you look.


So, what is the recipe for loving yourself? Remember what you’re grateful for, breathe, Meditate, exercise, and PRACTICE! Those obviously aren’t the only ways to learn to love yourself, there are tons of ways to do that.

Remember to love yourself because you are loved!


Benefits of yoga

Benefits of yoga

Did you know that yoga not only has benefits for your body, but it does for your mind as well??

Yoga can help you manage your weight, increase your core strength, improve your posture, increase you flexibility and even improve your digestion. Obviously, there are many more benefits, but those were just a few!

When it comes to your mind it can improve your concentration, improves your memory, improves your confidence and can even allow you to be aware of your mental state.

There are so many benefits from doing yoga and you don’t even have to be a pro at it. You can take 20 minutes out of your day just to practice some. There are so many apps and posts on Pinterest that can help you.

Allow yourself to relax and feel the energy flow through your body while you’re practicing. It’s a magical feeling!

Why is meditation good for you?

Why is meditation good for you?

I never believed in meditation until I sat down and actually tried it. I was feeling down and stressed out and was willing to try anything to calm me.

Not only did I feel calm, but I loved it. Taking that time to focus on your breathing and body is wonderful. It’s so peaceful and I recommend everyone try it.

  • It can improve depression
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Increases your focus
  • Reduces stress
  • Increases your memory
  • Can get rid of headaches

There are many more benefits to meditation. Those were just a few, but those few speak a million words. As someone who suffers from anxiety, it has helped me truly take a second to just breathe. When you’re dealing with anxiety, that’s something that you know is difficult to do. It can feel like you’ve been hit by a truck full of emotions and you don’t know why. When I’m really feeling overwhelmed, I will sit down in a quiet area and just meditate.

Not everyone knows how to meditate and I know I am one of those people. That’s why I listen to podcasts or videos, where people talk you through it. My favorite app so far has been Headspace. They have free videos that you can listen to, but you can also pay to have the premium version.

If you haven’t tried meditating yet, try it! It is one of the best ways to show yourself some love!

5 ways to take time for yourself

5 ways to take time for yourself

We all get stressed and that’s when we need to set time aside for ourselves. We need time to just reset our minds and take a breath.

Here are 5 ways to take a step back:

1) Have a spa night

Set aside time before bed to take a relaxing bath. Add some bath bombs, light some candles and grab a glass of your favorite wine. Grab your favorite face mask and put that bad boy on. Take the time to do the extra things like exfoliate. Just make the night for you.

2) Plan for a girls/guys night

Call up your gal or guy friends and plan a movie or a dinner night. Catch up with them about what’s going on in their life. Enjoy the time spent with them.

3) Take a day off

Sleep in late or sleep all day if you really want to. You can lay in bed and catch up on Netflix. Make yourself breakfast in bed and watch a movie. There is nothing better than throwing your hair up in a bun and relaxing in your sweats.

4) Exercise

No, you don’t even have to go to a gym for this! You can exercise at home easily. Not only is it healthy, it can make you feel good and energized. Having a healthy body is just one way to start feeling good.

5) Meditate

There are so many apps and podcasts out there that you can listen to. They can talk you through the meditation. Find a comfy and quiet place to sit and focus on your mind.

Remember the importance of taking time for yourself. Know that it’s ok for you to only worry about you!