The Recipe to Self Love

The Recipe to Self Love

I have always wondered what the secrets were to learning to love yourself. What I found out was that there is NO SECRET. It is something that is learned and practiced. I know, I thought there was going to be some magic word that I could say and BOOM I’d love myself. Obviously, that’s not going to happen though.


When it comes to self love, you need to learn that it’s OK to worry about yourself and no one else. If someone asks you for a favor that you really don’t want to do, say no! You don’t have to take on more than you can handle and you certainly don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.


When you wake up in the morning, sit down and remember what you’re grateful for. Is it your family, your dog or even your job? Remember that throughout the day. Remembering what your grateful for can make your day just a little easier.


If you are feeling too stressed, TAKE A MINUTE TO BREATHE! Always remember to take time for yourself. Stress can really effect your health. If things aren’t going your way. TAKE A DEEP BREATH!


Have you tried meditating? I’m telling you, meditation has done wonders for me. I have used apps like Calm and Headspace. Meditating has really helped me when I’m angry and stressed out. Taking time and focusing on my breathing has just helped me relax. Also check out my blog post: Why is meditation good for you? I explain all the different reasons why meditation can help you.


Another idea that you can do is exercise!! I know it sounds horrible. I HATE exercising as much as you do, but it really is a great way to fuel your energy. Plus, you’ll loose weight and tone up. Who doesn’t want to loose weight, especially since it’s the holiday season. It’ll be that much easier to love yourself when you like how you look.


So, what is the recipe for loving yourself? Remember what you’re grateful for, breathe, Meditate, exercise, and PRACTICE! Those obviously aren’t the only ways to learn to love yourself, there are tons of ways to do that.

Remember to love yourself because you are loved!


10 Ways to Treat Yourself Without Spending Money

10 Ways to Treat Yourself Without Spending Money

1.Take a bubble bath

Taking a bubble bath is a great way to unwind after your day. It’s time spent for yourself and you can feel good after.

2. Look for free events near you

There are places hosting events all the time. Just go on google or even Facebook and search for events happening near you.

3. Go for a walk

Going for a walk is a great way to clear your mind and get out. No need for money.

4. Grab your favorite snack and catch up on your favorite show

Relaxing on the couch and just snacking is great, but add Netflix or Hulu to it and it’s even better. They have so many shows and movies to watch.

5. Take a nap

Who doesn’t love to nap? It’s free and you get to sleep.

6. Organize

I know I always feel better after organizing things that are messy. It’s like a mini accomplishment and you get a clean house from it.

7. Exercise

Obviously, exercising is work, but it’s a great way to refresh you body and get some much needed energy.

8. Head to the mall and grab some free samples from the food court

Malls always have some sort of free food floating around in the food court. Get out and try something new.

9. Jam out to your favorite music

Crank that music up and just dance. It’s a sneaky way to get exercise too.

10. Go to a park

Parks are normally free and a great way to get out into the world. Get out and meet some new people or just admire your surroundings.

What is self love to you?

What is self love to you?

Hey everyone!

Self love can mean different things for everyone. To one person it can mean sitting on a beach with a cocktail, while to another it can mean calling in sick to work just to stay in bed all day.

Unfortunately, loving yourself isn’t something that everyone can do.

The average person isn’t satisfied at who they are. Working to achieve goals and setting time aside in your day to do something you love, is just a simple way to start loving yourself. It can be difficult, but let’s do it together.

With love,