10 Ways to Treat Yourself Without Spending Money

10 Ways to Treat Yourself Without Spending Money

1.Take a bubble bath

Taking a bubble bath is a great way to unwind after your day. It’s time spent for yourself and you can feel good after.

2. Look for free events near you

There are places hosting events all the time. Just go on google or even Facebook and search for events happening near you.

3. Go for a walk

Going for a walk is a great way to clear your mind and get out. No need for money.

4. Grab your favorite snack and catch up on your favorite show

Relaxing on the couch and just snacking is great, but add Netflix or Hulu to it and it’s even better. They have so many shows and movies to watch.

5. Take a nap

Who doesn’t love to nap? It’s free and you get to sleep.

6. Organize

I know I always feel better after organizing things that are messy. It’s like a mini accomplishment and you get a clean house from it.

7. Exercise

Obviously, exercising is work, but it’s a great way to refresh you body and get some much needed energy.

8. Head to the mall and grab some free samples from the food court

Malls always have some sort of free food floating around in the food court. Get out and try something new.

9. Jam out to your favorite music

Crank that music up and just dance. It’s a sneaky way to get exercise too.

10. Go to a park

Parks are normally free and a great way to get out into the world. Get out and meet some new people or just admire your surroundings.